6101.04 Purpose and organization of conservancy districts.

Any area or areas situated in one or more counties may be organized as a conservancy district in the manner and subject to the conditions provided by this chapter for any of the following purposes:

(A) Preventing floods;

(B) Regulating stream channels by changing, widening, and deepening the stream channels;

(C) Reclaiming or filling wet and overflowed lands;

(D) Providing for irrigation where it may be needed;

(E) Regulating the flow of streams and conserving their waters;

(F) Diverting or in whole or in part eliminating watercourses;

(G) Providing a water supply for domestic, industrial, and public use;

(H) Providing for the collection and disposal of sewage and other liquid wastes produced within the district;

(I) Arresting erosion along the Ohio shore line of Lake Erie.

This section does not terminate the existence of any district organized prior to July 19, 1937, entirely within a single county.

The purposes of a district may be altered by the same procedure as provided for the establishment of the district.

Effective Date: 09-21-2000 .