6101.23 Co-operation with United States government or other corporations.

The board of directors of a conservancy district may enter into contracts or other arrangements with the United States government or any department of it, with persons, railroads, or other corporations, with public corporations, with the state government of this or other states, and with drainage, conservation, conservancy, sewer, park, or other improvement districts in this or other states, for co-operation or assistance, not in violation of Article VIII, Ohio Constitution, in constructing, maintaining, using, and operating the works of the district, the waters of it, or the parks, parkways, forests, and recreational facilities of it, or in minimizing or preventing damage to the properties, works, and improvements of the district from soil erosion, or for making surveys and investigations or reports thereon. The board may purchase, lease, or acquire land or other property in adjoining states to secure outlets or for other purposes of this chapter and may let contracts or spend money for securing the outlets or other works in adjoining states.

Effective Date: 09-21-2000 .