6101.40 Appeals not permitted to interrupt or delay any action.

No appeal under this chapter shall be permitted to interrupt or delay any action or the prosecution of any work under this chapter, except where the party appealing is entitled to a jury under the constitution of the state, and the jury trial has not been had, in which case only so much of the work shall be interrupted or delayed as would constitute a taking of or a damaging of the property of the appellant.

The board of directors of a conservancy district may appeal from any order of the court of common pleas made in any proceeding under this chapter not requiring the intervention of a jury.

The failure to appeal from any order of the court in any proceedings under this chapter within the time specified in this chapter constitutes a waiver of any irregularity in the proceedings. The remedies provided for in this chapter exclude all other remedies except as provided in this chapter.

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Effective Date: 09-21-2000 .