6101.42 Appraising lands not at first included within boundaries of district.

If any real property or public corporation within or without any conservancy district is benefited and for any reason the benefits were not appraised in the original proceedings or were not appraised to the extent of the benefits received, or if any person or public corporation makes use of or profit by the works of any district to a degree not compensated for in the original appraisal, or if the board of directors of the conservancy district finds it necessary, subsequent to the time when the first appraisals are made, to take or damage any additional property, the board of directors, at any time such a condition becomes evident, shall direct the board of appraisers of the conservancy district to appraise the benefits or the enhanced benefits received by the property or public corporation, or the damages or value of property taken. Proceedings outlined in this chapter for appraising lands not at first included within the boundaries of the district shall in all matters be conformed with including notice to the parties, or the board of directors may make any suitable settlement with the person or public corporation for the use, benefit, damage, or property taken.

Effective Date: 09-21-2000 .