6109.08 Owner or operator to make escrow deposit.

The director of environmental protection shall not approve plans for construction, installation, or substantial modification of a community water system which serves fewer than five hundred service connections, or any part of such system, except a system owned and operated by a public entity, a system which supplies water only to premises owned by the water supplier, or a system regulated by the public utilities commission, unless the owner or operator of such system or part thereof has deposited in escrow an amount equal to fifteen per cent of the cost of the system or part thereof owned by him, but not to exceed fifty thousand dollars.

If a system for which an escrow is required under this section is not properly constructed, maintained, repaired or operated, the director may order the owner or operator of such system or part thereof to correct the deficiencies, and shall authorize use of the funds in the escrow as necessary to enable compliance with his order. When funds are withdrawn from an escrow account, they shall be replaced by the owner or the operator of such system or part thereof within six months of withdrawal.

For purposes of this section, "community water system" means a public water system that serves at least fifteen service connections used by year-round residents or which regularly serves at least twenty-five year-round residents.

For purposes of this section, "public entity" means the federal government, the state, any political subdivision, and any agency, institution, or instrumentality thereof.

Effective Date: 12-14-1978 .