6111.50 Credible data definitions.

As used in sections 6111.50 to 6111.56 of the Revised Code:

(A) "Credible data" means scientifically valid chemical, physical, or biological water quality monitoring data concerning surface waters, including qualitative scoring of physical habitat characteristics and the sampling of fish, macroinvertebrates, and water quality, that have been collected by or submitted to the director of environmental protection and that comply with the requirements established in rules adopted under section 6111.51 of the Revised Code. "Credible data" may include historical data if the director identifies compelling reasons as to why the data are credible.

(B) "Historical data" means data that are more than five years old.

(C) "Naturally occurring condition" means any condition affecting water quality that is not caused by human influence on the environment, including, but not limited to, soils, geology, hydrology, climate, wildlife, and water flow with specific consideration given to seasonal and other natural variations.

(D) "Qualified data collector" means an individual who meets the requirements established in rules adopted under section 6111.53 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 10-21-2003 .