6115.12 Seal - records - transcripts of meetings.

(A) The director or board of directors of a sanitary district shall adopt a seal and shall keep in a well-bound book a record of all proceedings, minutes of all meetings, certificates, contracts, bonds given by employees, and corporate acts. The book shall be open to the inspection of all owners of property in the district and to all other interested parties.

(B) In addition to the requirements established in section 121.22 of the Revised Code, any court of jurisdiction meeting pursuant to section 6115.10 of the Revised Code in regard to the appointment, removal, or reappointment of a member of the board of directors of a sanitary district organized wholly for the purpose of providing a water supply for domestic, municipal, and public use or meeting for any other matter regarding such a district other than litigation involving the district shall keep a written transcript of the meeting and shall make the transcript available to the public upon request.

Effective Date: 05-06-1998 .