6115.34 Notice of hearing on appraisals.

Upon the filing of the report of the board of appraisers of a sanitary district under section 6115.33 of the Revised Code, the clerk of the court shall give notice by publication thereof, as provided in section 6115.01 of the Revised Code, in each county in the district. The notice shall be substantially as set forth in division (E) of section 6115.79 of the Revised Code. It is not necessary for the clerk to name the parties interested.

It is not necessary to describe separate lots or tracts of land in giving the notice, but it is sufficient to give such descriptions as will enable the owner to determine whether or not his land is covered by such description. For instance, it is sufficient to state "All land lying in the . . . . . . ward of the city of . . . . . . .," or "All land abutting on . . . . . . . street in the city of . . . . . . .," or "All land lying west of . . . . . . . river and east of . . . . . . . railroad in . . . . . . . township," or any other general description pointing out the lands involved.

Where lands in different counties are mentioned in the report, it is not necessary to publish a description of all the lands in the district in each county, but only of that part of the lands located in the county in which publication is made.

Effective Date: 07-08-1993 .