6115.37 Appeal of award as to compensation or damages.

Any person or public or private corporation desiring to appeal from an award as to compensation or damages shall, within twenty days from the judgment of the court confirming the report of the board of appraisers of a sanitary district, file with the clerk of the court a written notice making demand for a jury trial, specifying the award or awards from which the appeal is taken. If the appellant does not recover more by the verdict of the jury than the sum awarded him by the board, or if the verdict is not more favorable to him, he shall pay the costs of the appeal.

The appeal shall be from the award of compensation or damages, or both, and shall require the sanitary district to commence proceedings pursuant to sections 163.01 to 163.22 of the Revised Code, but shall not include the questions of necessity for the appropriation, inability of the parties to agree, or any other part of the decree of the court.

Effective Date: 07-08-1993 .