6119.32 Election on tax levy.

A copy of the resolution provided for in section 6119.31 of the Revised Code shall be certified to the board of elections for the county not less than ninety days before the general election in any year and said board shall submit the proposal to the electors of the county at the succeeding November election in accordance with section 5705.25 of the Revised Code.

If the per cent required for approval of a levy as set forth in section 5705.26 of the Revised Code vote in favor thereof, the board of county commissioners may levy a tax within the county at the additional rate outside the ten-mill limitation during the period and for the purpose stated in the resolution, or at any less rate or for any less number of years.

Amended by 128th General AssemblyFile No.29, HB 48, §1, eff. 7/2/2010.

Effective Date: 03-23-1981 .