6119.43 Purposes of special assessments.

The cost of constructing a water resource project to be paid for directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, by funds derived from special assessments may include but need not be limited to:

(A) The purchase price of real estate or any interest therein when acquired by purchase, or when acquired by appropriation;

(B) The cost of preliminary and other surveys;

(C) The cost of preparing plans, specifications, profiles, and estimates;

(D) The cost of printing, serving, and publishing notices and any legislation required;

(E) The cost of all special proceedings;

(F) The cost of labor and material, whether furnished by contract or otherwise;

(G) Interest on bonds or notes issued in anticipation of the levy and collection of the special assessments;

(H) The total amount of damages resulting from the project which are assessed in favor of any owner of lands affected by the project, and interest thereon;

(I) The cost incurred in connection with the preparation, levy, and collection of the special assessments, including legal expenses incurred by reason of the project;

(J) Incidental costs connected with the project.

Effective Date: 11-19-1971 .