6121.05 Studies of proposed water development projects.

With the approval and the consent of the controlling board, the director of natural resources shall expend, out of any funds available for the purpose, such moneys as are necessary for the study of any proposed water development project, and may use its engineering and other forces, including consulting engineers and sanitary engineers, for the purpose of effecting such study. All such expenses incurred by such directors prior to the issuance of water development revenue bonds or notes under Chapter 6121. of the Revised Code, shall be paid by the respective directors incurring such expenses and charged to the appropriate water development project, and the respective directors shall keep proper records and accounts, showing the amounts so charged. Upon the sale of water development revenue bonds or notes for a water development project, the funds so expended by the respective directors, with the approval of the Ohio water development authority, in connection with such project, shall be reimbursed to the respective departments from the proceeds of such bonds or notes.

Effective Date: 10-23-1972 .