6121.18 Appropriation of land by eminent domain.

The Ohio water development authority may acquire by appropriation pursuant to division (J) of section 6121.04 of the Revised Code any land, rights, rights-of-way, franchises, easements, or other property necessary or proper for the construction or the efficient operation of any water development project. In any proceedings for appropriation under this section, the procedure to be followed shall be in accordance with sections 163.01 to 163.22, inclusive, of the Revised Code.

This section does not authorize the authority to take or disturb property or facilities belonging to any public utility or to a common carrier engaged in interstate commerce, which property or facilities are required for the proper and convenient operation of such public utility or common carrier, unless provision is made for the restoration, relocation, or duplication of such property or facilities elsewhere at the sole cost of the authority.

Effective Date: 03-07-1968 .