6133.07 Duties of county auditor and treasurer.

The county auditor and county treasurer of the county in which the petition authorized by section 6133.02 of the Revised Code is filed shall ex officio become the fiscal agents of all the counties interested in the proposed improvement. Such auditor shall certify to the auditor of the other counties a schedule of the assessments to be levied for the cost of locating and constructing the improvement and the auditor of such other county shall proceed forthwith to place such assessment upon the duplicates. The assessments so certified for collection to an auditor of another county shall be a lien on the land within such county from the date such certificate is received by the auditor of such other county. The treasurer shall proceed to collect the same pursuant to the orders made in said proceedings, and such assessments when collected shall be paid to the treasurer of the county in which the petition was filed. The auditor and the treasurer shall receive and account for such funds in the same manner as they receive and account for assessments collected for single county improvements. The treasurer and the auditor with their bondsmen shall be liable on their official bonds for any misappropriation of such funds. All warrants for the payment of costs of location and for costs of construction of a joint county improvement shall be drawn by the auditor of the county in which the petition is filed, on the treasurer of said county, payable out of the general ditch improvement fund of said county. If the petition for the improvement is dismissed after the costs and expenses have been incurred in making the county engineer's reports and schedules provided for in section 6133.08 of the Revised Code, such costs shall be paid by the several counties respectively, as the joint board of county commissioners deems just and equitable. All assessments when collected in all the counties and any amount which another county should pay shall be paid into the treasury of the county in which the petition was filed, and credited to the general ditch improvement fund of said county.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .