6133.08 Field work and surveys.

The joint board may designate the engineer of the county where the petition is filed to do the field work and make the survey, plans, and estimates, but the engineer of each county interested shall assist in making the reports and schedules. All reports and schedules of the engineer shall be signed and approved by all the engineers of the several counties interested and shall be filed with the clerk with whom the petition is filed. If the engineers of the several counties interested do not concur in the reports or schedules, separate reports or schedules may be filed by one or more of the engineers, and the costs thereof shall be paid by the counties from which the separate reports or schedules are filed. In making up the schedules and reports the engineers shall proceed to make the schedules and reports of the improvement the same as if the improvement were an improvement within a county of the size of the several counties interested in the proposed improvement. The engineers who do not make the survey may make such observations and take such levels as are necessary to assist them in making their schedules and in arriving at the proper amount to be assessed against each tract of land.

The engineer who did the field work and made the survey and plans shall proceed to take bids, inspect the progress of the work and make estimates and reports on the progress of the work, accept the work and material for the improvement, and issue certificates therefor, as in the case of single county improvements, and shall do all things to be done by an engineer after the letting of the contracts.

Effective Date: 04-09-1981 .