6137.08 Reduction in maintenance assessment application.

Any owner may make application for reduction in his maintenance assessment due to work he proposes on any portion of a public ditch, watercourse, or other improvement. The application shall be filed with the county engineer on or before the first day of May in any year and shall state the nature of the work to be done, such as clearing brush, removing silt or debris, repair of structure, or other work necessary to preserve the improvement. The county engineer, in making inspections of the drainage improvements, shall note the extent to which any owner has carried out such repair and maintenance work. In making the annual report and estimate to the board of county commissioners, the engineer shall include a schedule containing the name of each owner who has applied for reduction of maintenance assessment due to performance of repair and maintenance work and the percentage reduction, if any, that the engineer recommends be granted each owner. The board shall either confirm or reject the allowances recommended by the county engineer. The allowance confirmed as to each land owner shall be certified to the county auditor, who shall reduce the next annual maintenance assessment of the owner by the percentage so certified.

Effective Date: 04-09-1981 .