703.17 Effect of surrender of corporate rights.

The surrender of corporate rights by a city, as provided by sections 703.08 to 703.16, inclusive, of the Revised Code, does not affect rights accrued or liabilities incurred by such city or the power to settle claims, dispose of property, or levy and collect taxes to discharge liabilities incurred. Such rights, liabilities, and powers, and the corporate character of such municipal corporation in respect thereto, shall remain in effect as though no surrender had been made.

After the presentation of a petition requesting such surrender, the city or legislative authority thereof shall not incur or create any new debt or liability, enter into any new contract, or increase the debts and liabilities of such city in any manner during the pendency of such petition until the result of the census is declared, except that current expenses may be paid or provided for.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .