705.02 Effect of petition for submission of question of choosing commission to frame charter on petition to adopt optional plan.

The proposition to adopt a plan of government provided in sections 705.41 to 705.86 , inclusive, of the Revised Code, shall not be submitted to the electors of any municipal corporation less than ninety days before a regular municipal election. If, in any municipal corporation, a sufficient petition is filed, requiring that the question of choosing a commission to frame a charter be submitted to the electors thereof, the proposition to adopt a plan of government provided in such sections shall not be submitted in that municipal corporation as long as the question of choosing such commission or of adopting a charter framed by such commission is pending therein. While the proposition of adopting any plan of government provided by such sections is pending in any municipal corporation, no other proposition provided for in such sections shall be submitted until the pending proposition is adopted or rejected.

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History. Effective Date: 10-01-1953