705.59 Duties of city manager.

The city manager shall:

(A) See that the laws and ordinances are faithfully executed;

(B) Attend all meetings of the council at which his attendance is required by that body;

(C) Recommend measures for adoption to the council;

(D) Appoint all officers and employees in the classified service of the municipal corporation, subject to Chapters 124. and 705. of the Revised Code;

(E) Prepare and submit to the council such reports as are required by that body, or as he deems advisable;

(F) Keep the council fully advised of the financial condition of the municipal corporation and its future needs;

(G) Prepare and submit to the council a tentative budget for the next fiscal year;

(H) Perform such other duties as the council determines by ordinance or resolution;

(I) Sign all contracts and bond for and on behalf of the municipal corporation.

Effective Date: 08-26-1977 .