709.04 Accepting or rejecting annexation by ordinance or resolution.

At the next regular session of the legislative authority of the municipal corporation to which annexation is proposed, after the expiration of sixty days from the date of the delivery required by division (C) of section 709.022 or division (C)(1) of section 709.033 of the Revised Code, the auditor or clerk of that municipal corporation shall lay the resolution of the board granting the petition and the accompanying map or plat and petition before the legislative authority. The legislative authority, by resolution or ordinance, then shall accept or reject the petition for annexation. If the legislative authority fails to pass an ordinance or resolution accepting the petition for annexation within a period of one hundred twenty days after those documents are laid before it by the auditor or clerk, the petition for annexation shall be considered rejected by the legislative authority.

Effective Date: 10-26-2001 .