709.25 Ordinance or petition - procedure.

The ordinance provided for in section 709.23 of the Revised Code, or the petition provided for in section 709.24 of the Revised Code, shall specify whether annexation is desired for corporate municipal purposes only, or for such purposes and for school purposes. In case annexation is desired both for corporate municipal purposes and for school purposes, such questions shall be submitted separately, but may be printed upon the same ballot. The legislative authorities in both municipal corporations in such case shall certify a copy of such ordinance or petition to the board of education of their respective municipal corporations, each of which shall, within thirty days, appoint three commissioners who shall meet forthwith and, within fifteen days, negotiate the terms of annexation for school purposes and certify such terms to their respective boards of education. Such boards shall, by resolution, submit the question of annexing such school district in the manner provided by law.

Such question as to annexation for school purposes shall be submitted to the electors of the respective school districts in which such municipal corporations are situated, irrespective of deviations of school district boundaries from those of the affected municipal corporations.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .