709.29 Submission of question of annexation to a vote - procedure.

Within thirty days after filing the conditions of annexation as provided by section 709.28 of the Revised Code with the legislative authorities of the municipal corporations, the legislative authorities of both such municipal corporations shall order the question of annexation, upon the conditions contained in the report of such commissioners, to be submitted to a vote at the next regular election or primary election, occurring not less than ninety days after the filing of such conditions with the board of elections.

Each ordinance shall prescribe the manner in which the submission shall be made and shall be published in its respective municipal corporation by posters or otherwise, for a period of at least twenty days, prior to the time fixed for the election, in such manner as the legislative authority deems most expedient, and a printed copy of such conditions shall be mailed to each voter of such municipal corporations, as shown by the registration books.

Amended by 128th General AssemblyFile No.29, HB 48, §1, eff. 7/2/2010.

Effective Date: 03-23-1981 .