709.40 Apportionment of property, funds, and indebtedness.

When territory is detached from a village in accordance with section 709.39 of the Revised Code, an apportionment of the property, funds, and indebtedness of the village shall be made between such village and the detached territory upon the basis of the respective tax duplicates in the village after such detachment and in the detached territory. All water pipes and sewers, laid either in such village or detached territory, shall be considered as property within the meaning of that term, as used in this section, in so far as such water pipes or sewers have been paid for out of the general funds of the village. If the village authorities and the public authorities in control of the detached territory are unable to agree upon such apportionment, it shall be made by the probate court, upon application by the authorities of either the village or the detached territory.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .