711.29 Mode of renumbering.

The county auditor and the county recorder, in conjunction with an associate appointed as provided by section 711.28 of the Revised Code, shall make a schedule of all the in-lots of a municipal corporation, beginning with the original plat thereof, by setting down the lots in the order of their numbers and placing opposite such old numbers the new numbers assigned thereto. There shall follow in such schedule, in the same manner, the plats of additions and subdivisions, according to their priority in date of record, so that the first column contains the old numbers of the in-lots in their consecutive order and the second column exhibits opposite such old numbers, the new numbers assigned to each of such lots. A schedule of the out-lots shall be made in the same manner. Such schedule shall accurately and distinctly indicate the plat in which such in-lot or out-lot originally stands upon record, and the auditor and recorder shall place such schedule on record in their respective offices.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .