717.07 Issuing securities to finance single payment of accrued liability to police and fire pension fund.

(A) A municipal corporation may enter into an agreement with the board of trustees of the Ohio police and fire pension fund in accordance with section 742.30 of the Revised Code. The legislative authority of a municipal corporation may issue securities under section 3 of Article XVIII, Ohio Constitution, or under Chapter 133. of the Revised Code, including Chapter 133. special obligation securities that pledge taxes, other than ad valorem property taxes, or other revenues for the purpose of providing some or all of the funds required to satisfy the municipal corporation's obligation under the agreement.

(B) A municipal corporation may enter into an agreement with one or more other municipal corporations or townships to issue on behalf of those municipal corporations or townships the securities described in division (A) of this section. The agreement may authorize the municipal corporation issuing the securities to appoint one or more fiscal agents to perform any functions necessary to carry out an agreement entered into under this division.

Effective Date: 11-02-1999 .