717.20 Expending funds for promotion of tourism.

The legislative authority of a municipal corporation may appropriate moneys from its general fund to be expended by the municipal corporation or by joint agreement with one or more other political subdivisions or by private, nonprofit organizations for the public purpose of encouraging economic development of the municipal corporation or area through promotion of tourism.

Semiannual reports on the use of the expenditures shall be made to the legislative authority by the chief officer implementing the joint agreement, or the chief officer or board of directors of the private, nonprofit organizations.

As used in this section, "promotion of tourism" is the encouragement through advertising, educational and informational means, and public relations, both within the state and outside of it, of travel by persons away from their homes for pleasure, personal reasons, or other purposes, except to work, to the municipal corporation, or to the local area.

This section shall not be construed to limit any municipal corporation in the exercise of its powers of local self government under Section 3, Article XVIII, Ohio Constitution, but shall be construed to be a declaration that the promotion of tourism is a proper public purpose for encouraging economic development.

Effective Date: 04-26-1976 .