721.11 Waterfront development - leases - assessments on improvements.

Any municipal corporation having jurisdiction over any part of the territory mentioned in section 721.04 of the Revised Code, whether in front of privately owned upland or otherwise, as provided in that section, may, in aid of navigation and water commerce, adopt plans for the development of that waterfront, construct bulkheads at such locations as it approves between the shoreline and the harbor line as fixed by the United States government, make fills with earth or other suitable materials out to those bulkheads, and construct public highways on the filled portions.

Leases made pursuant to section 1506.11 of the Revised Code are subject to the right of the municipal corporation to maintain a highway, a marginal railroad, and other agreed reasonable means of access to the waters of Lake Erie in conformity with the waterfront plan of that municipal corporation, in aid of navigation and water commerce, provided that an adequate means of access to those waters shall be provided to the lessees.

The municipal corporation may assess, in any one of the three methods authorized by section 727.01 of the Revised Code, against the littoral land and other specially benefited property, such part or all of the cost of constructing the bulkheads, filling, highway, and other improvements, in aid of navigation and water commerce, as is agreed upon by the owners of the littoral lands and the legislative authority of the municipal corporation. The municipal corporation may issue bonds in anticipation of the collection of the assessments and use the proceeds thereof in paying the cost of constructing the improvements of the waterfront.

Effective Date: 03-15-1989 .