723.05 Change of name, vacating, or narrowing streets without petition.

The legislative authority of a municipal corporation may, when there are two or more streets, avenues, or alleys of the same name in the municipal corporation, by ordinance and without petition therefor, change the name of any such street, avenue, or alley so as to leave only one to be designated by the original name.

When, in the opinion of the legislative authority, there is good cause for vacating or narrowing a street or alley, or any part thereof, and that such vacation or narrowing will not be detrimental to the general interest, it may, by ordinance and without petition therefor, vacate or narrow such street or alley or any part thereof. The original ordinance or a certified copy thereof shall be recorded in the official records of the county recorder.

Amended by 130th General Assembly File No. 41, HB 72, §1, eff. 1/30/2014.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .