723.34 Specifications in lighting ordinance.

The ordinance mentioned in section 723.33 of the Revised Code shall specify the manner in which the bridge or railway shall be lighted, the number and style of lamp posts, gas posts, electric lights, or other lights and fixtures, and the time such lights shall be kept burning in each twenty-four hours. No such lights, poles, or fixtures, or any lights, poles, or fixtures located by any municipal corporation on its streets, alleys, or public grounds shall be required to be so placed as to interfere with a clear view of any fixed signal used in the operation of such railway from the points thereon where a clear view is required for safe operation. All lights, poles, or fixtures placed so as to interfere with such clear view shall, within a reasonable time, be relocated. This section does not excuse any railway company from lighting its bridges and tracks when required to do so, or from paying any reasonable assessment or charge therefor.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .