723.46 Condemnation proceedings.

The legislative authority of a municipal corporation may permit an interurban railway company referred to in section 723.45 of the Revised Code to make use of the tracks or parts of the tracks of any existing street railway company within the limits of the municipal corporation by agreement with such existing company. If no such agreement can be arrived at, the interurban company may be authorized by such legislative authority to condemn the right to make use of the tracks of such existing street railway company, upon the payment of proper compensation. But the interurban company shall be permitted to condemn and make use of not more than one eighth of the trackage of such existing street railway company within the municipal corporation, or so much as is necessary to give the interurban company access to terminals within the municipal corporation or to enable it to secure a right of way over such tracks through the municipal corporation. The interurban company seeking permission to enter or pass through a municipal corporation shall not be required to submit to competitive bidding on such routes.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .