731.34 Designation of committee filing petition.

The petitioners may designate in any initiative or referendum petition a committee of not less than three of their number, who shall be regarded as filing the petition. After a petition has been filed with the city auditor or village clerk it shall be kept open for public inspection for ten days. If, after a petition proposing an ordinance or other measure has been filed with such auditor or clerk, the proposed ordinance or other measure, or a substitute for the proposed ordinance or measure approved by such committee, is passed by the legislative authority of the municipal corporation, the majority of the committee shall notify the board of elections in writing and such proposed ordinance or measure shall not be submitted to a vote of the electors.

If, after a verified referendum petition has been filed against any ordinance or measure, the legislative authority of the municipal corporation repeals such ordinance or measure, or it is held to be invalid, the board of elections shall not submit such ordinance or measure to a vote of the electors.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .