735.02 General duties - records.

The director of public service shall manage and supervise all public works and undertakings of the city, except as otherwise provided by law.

The director shall supervise the improvement and repair of streets, avenues, alleys, lands, lanes, squares, wharves, docks, landings, market houses, bridges, viaducts, aqueducts, sidewalks, playgrounds[,] sewers, drains, ditches, culverts, ship channels, streams, and watercourses, the lighting, sprinkling, and cleaning of public places, and the construction of public improvements and public works, except those having reference to the department of public safety, or as otherwise provided in Title VII [7] of the Revised Code.

The director shall manage municipal water, lighting, heating, power, garbage, and other undertakings of the city, and parks, baths, playgrounds, market houses, cemeteries, crematories, sewage disposal plants, and farms, and shall make and preserve surveys, maps, plans, drawings, and estimates. He shall supervise the construction and have charge of the maintenance of public buildings and other property of the city not otherwise provided for in Title VII [7]. He shall have the management of all other matters provided by the legislative authority of the city in connection with the public service thereof.

Such director shall keep a record of his proceedings, a copy of which, certified by him, shall be competent evidence in all courts.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .