742.24 Municipal fire department employee credit for service in police department.

A member of the fund who is an employee of the fire department of a municipal corporation, who has resigned or has been honorably discharged from membership in the police department of the same municipal corporation, and who is not a participant in the deferred retirement option plan established under section 742.43 of the Revised Code shall, in computing years of service in the fire department under section 742.37 or 742.39 of the Revised Code, be given full credit for the time served in such police department, provided the member has paid into the Ohio police and fire pension fund a sum equal to that which the member would have been required to pay, under former section 741.43 and section 742.31 of the Revised Code, as a member of such police department during the years for which service credit is claimed had the member been contributing a percentage of the member's salary to a police relief and pension fund or to the Ohio police and fire pension fund, as provided by such sections during such years.

Effective Date: 03-24-2003 .