743.26 Regulation of price of electric light, gas, sewage disposal, and water.

The legislative authority of a municipal corporation in which electric lighting companies, natural or artificial gas companies, gaslight or coke companies, sewage disposal system companies, or companies for supplying water for public or private consumption, are established, or into which their wires, mains, or pipes are conducted, may regulate the price which such companies may charge for electric light, or for gas for lighting or fuel purposes, or for the disposal of sewage, industrial wastes, or other wastes, or for water for public or private consumption, furnished by such companies to the citizens, or to the public grounds, buildings, streets, lanes, alleys, avenues, wharves, and landing places, or for fire protection. Such companies shall in no event charge more for electric light, natural or artificial gas, or for sewage disposal services, or water furnished to such municipal corporation or individuals than the price specified by ordinance of the legislative authority. The legislative authority may regulate and fix the price which such companies shall charge for the rent of their meters, and the ordinance may provide that such price shall include the use of meters to be furnished by such companies, which shall be furnished and kept in repair by such companies at no separate charge, either directly or indirectly, for the use or repair of the meters.

Effective Date: 09-19-1961 .