743.30 Occupation of streets by legislative authority for gas purposes.

If at any time any company, mentioned in section 743.28 of the Revised Code, required by the legislative authority to lay pipes and light a street, alley, avenue, wharf, landing place, or public ground or building, refuses or neglects for six months after being notified by the legislative authority to comply with such requirement, the legislative authority may lay pipes and erect gasworks for lighting such streets, alleys, or public grounds, and all other such places not already lighted, and such company shall be precluded from using or occupying any of the streets, alleys, or public grounds or buildings not already furnished with gas pipes of the company and the legislative authority may open any street for the purpose of so conveying gas.

At any time after such default, the legislative authority may permit such companies to use and occupy the streets, alleys, and public grounds of the municipal corporation for the purpose of lighting them and furnishing gas to the citizens and public buildings.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .