743.45 Municipal corporation may request public utilities commission to review electric rates.

Nothing in section 743.26, 743.34, or 4909.34 of the Revised Code shall be construed to mean that a municipal corporation may not request the public utilities commission to review and comment upon the equity and financial implications of the portion of a proposed ordinance that relates to the rates that may be charged for electricity supplied by an electric generation facility either owned or operated by a municipal corporation or owned and operated by an electric light company with whom the municipal corporation has, or is considering entering into, a contract for supply of electricity to its residents. The public utilities commission shall, to the extent that fulfillment of such a request does not significantly impair the primary functions of the public utilities commission under Title XLIX [49] of the Revised Code, fulfill such a request but the corporation shall not be required to accept, or in any way to react to, any review and comment of this kind.

Effective Date: 09-01-1976 .