745.05 Procedure for acquisition of public utility.

When a municipal corporation desires, as expressed in an ordinance determining to acquire the property of a public utility, to have the compensation for such property determined by the public utilities commission, such municipal corporation shall make a request in writing to the commission in accordance with section 4909.04 of the Revised Code. Thereupon the commission shall proceed to make an inventory and valuation of the property of such public utility. The proceedings for a review of such valuation shall be as prescribed in section 4909.11 of the Revised Code. Such valuation shall not become binding upon the municipal corporation unless the legislative authority thereof passes an ordinance accepting such valuation. Such ordinance is subject to a referendum in accordance with sections 731.29 to 731.41, inclusive, of the Revised Code. If not accepted, the municipal corporation shall reimburse the public utility for its expenses reasonably incurred in the valuation proceedings, the amount thereof to be ascertained and fixed by the commission. In the absence of an agreement as to compensation as provided in section 745.06 of the Revised Code, the acceptance of an indeterminate permit shall be construed as a consent on the part of the public utility to the procedure provided for in this section.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .