745.08 Time of continuance of indeterminate permit - effect of acceptance.

Any indeterminate permit shall continue in force until such time as the municipal corporation acquires the property of the public utility as provided in sections 745.01 to 745.14, inclusive, of the Revised Code, or until otherwise terminated according to the terms of the permit. The acceptance of an indeterminate permit deprives the public utility of all rights under any license, permit, grant, or franchise, or granted in any municipal ordinance or resolution existing at the time of the granting of the permit. From the time of such grant, the rates, fares, charges, service, accounts, equipments, repairs, additions, extensions, improvements, transfers, joint use, depreciation, capitalization, bonded or other indebtedness, and all other terms relating to the financing, construction, maintenance, and operation of such utility shall be subject to municipal regulation. Such power of municipal regulation shall not be exercised in a manner inconsistent with the express terms of the ordinance granting the permit.

The capitalization and bonded or other indebtedness for improvement and other purposes beyond the limits of the municipal corporation granting the permit shall remain subject to regulation by the public utilities commission. No such capitalization or indebtedness shall be given effect as a basis for purchase price to or rate regulation by the municipal corporation contrary to the agreement of the municipal corporation and public utility as expressed in the ordinance granting the permit.

Such sections do not confer upon any municipal corporation, or upon any officer, department, or commission thereof, any power to grant an indeterminate permit to any such public utility in any other manner than by ordinance, or to prescribe that such ordinance shall take effect in any other manner than by acceptance by the public utility to which it is granted by filing a written acceptance thereof with the clerk of the legislative authority or other officers named in such permit.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .