747.04 Control of construction and maintenance - parkways.

The board of rapid transit commissioners shall have control and management of the construction of a rapid transit railway system, in, through, under, or upon any lands, including canal lands or parts thereof, together with the streets, alleys, and public ways outside of such canal lands, whether within or without the limits of the city, and of depots and terminals for interurban, suburban, street, and other electric railways, and the construction of interurban, suburban, street, or rapid transit electric railways, and of any combination of two or more of such purposes, and may acquire, repair, control, operate, manage, and maintain the utilities so constructed and acquired.

In all cases in which the construction of a rapid transit system is in, through, or under any land, including canal lands or parts thereof, such board may construct a boulevard or parkway on, upon, or adjacent to such lands or canal lands. Plans therefor shall be first approved by the board of park commissioners in cities having such a board. On completion of any such boulevard or parkway the same shall be committed to the control, charge, and maintenance of the municipal board or officer in charge of the park system of such city.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .