747.06 Assessment against property owners for construction of boulevard or parkway - limitations.

The board of rapid transit commissioners may assess upon the abutting, adjacent, contiguous, or other specially benefited lots or lands in a city fifty per cent of the entire cost or expense connected with the construction of any boulevard or parkway authorized by sections 747.01 to 747.13, inclusive, of the Revised Code. The proceedings by such board for the levying and collecting of any special assessments, including the issuance and sale of bonds in anticipation of the collection of such special assessments, shall be as provided by law for the levy and collection of special assessments and the issuance and sale of bonds in anticipation of the collection of such assessment for street improvements in municipal corporations. Resolutions of necessity, determinations to proceed with the improvements, the making of the assessments, the letting of contracts, the appointment of estimating and equalizing boards in cases of assessments in proportion to benefits, the authorizing, issuance, and sale of bonds in anticipation of the levy or collection of such assessments, and all other steps and proceedings preceding or relating to the levy of such assessments shall be adopted, passed, made, taken, or performed by such board, and the board may adopt, pass, make, take, and perform all such resolutions, steps, and proceedings. In such cities the plans, specifications, and estimates shall, at the time of the passage of the resolution of necessity, be on file in the office of the board, and notice of the resolution shall be served by such board or any person designated by it for the purpose. Objections to assessments and the claims of property owners for damages shall be filed with the clerk of the board, and such board shall determine whether claims for damages shall be judicially inquired into before commencement or after completion of the improvement, and in general all steps required by law to be taken by or with the clerk of the legislative authority shall, as regards said parkway construction be taken by or with the clerk of such board.

Assessments for the purpose of this section shall be subject to the limitations provided by law for assessments for street and other improvements, and all collections made pursuant thereto shall be credited by the city auditor to the respective parkway improvement.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .