759.09 Duties of director of public service.

The director of public service shall take possession and charge, and have the entire management, control, and regulation of public burial grounds and cemeteries located in or belonging to the city, subject to its ordinances. The director may direct the laying of such grounds out into lots, avenues, walks, and paths, or other subdivisions, which lots shall be numbered and the avenues named. A plat thereof shall be made so as to exhibit a fair and distinct outline of the grounds, and such plat shall be kept in the office of the auditor of the city for the use of the public

The director shall direct all the improvements and embellishments of such grounds and lots, protect and preserve them, and, subject to the approval of the legislative authority of the city, appoint necessary superintendents, employees, and agents, and shall determine their term of office and the amount of their compensation.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .