759.30 Apportionment of expense.

The expense of the purchase, or of the proceedings in case of appropriation and the damages awarded, or both, for land for cemetery purposes under section 759.27 of the Revised Code, shall be borne by the municipal corporations and townships in proportion to the property of each on the duplicate for taxation. The amount of bonds issued by each for such cemetery purposes shall be in the same proportion, and the percentage of taxation for all such cemetery purposes shall be the same in the municipal corporations and townships, but moneys in the hands of the board of cemetery trustees, derived from any source, not needed to keep in order or embellish the grounds, by resolution of the legislative authorities of the municipal corporations and the boards of township trustees, may be applied to the expenses of purchase, or of appropriation and damages awarded, or both, in securing additional lands for the cemetery.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .