901.10 Division of weights and measures - state sealer - duties.

(A) There is hereby created in the department of agriculture a division of weights and measures. The director of agriculture shall be the state sealer of weights and measures. The director shall appoint a deputy state sealer as prescribed by section 901.08 of the Revised Code. Such deputy shall be chief of the division and shall be responsible to the director for the administration and enforcement of all weights and measures laws.

(B) The director may call training sessions for sealers of weights and measures from counties and municipal corporations and their inspectors for the purpose of instructing them in the proper administration of weights and measures laws and rules adopted pursuant thereto. Traveling expenses incurred by such officials shall be paid out of the treasury of the proper county or municipal corporation upon the presentation of a certificate from the director certifying the fact of such attendance, and upon allowance by the proper authority of the county or municipal corporation.

Effective Date: 06-20-1994