901.261 Assessment of costs of action for noncompliance.

The director of agriculture, in conducting investigations, inquiries, or hearings, may assess the party to an action that is brought before the department of agriculture pursuant to Chapter 119. of the Revised Code the actual costs incurred by the department for depositions, investigations, issuance and service of subpoenas, witness fees, employment of a stenographer and hearing officer, and the production of books, accounts, papers, records, documents, and testimony if the applicable hearing officer determines that the party to the action has failed to comply with any chapter of the Revised Code or any rule adopted under any of those chapters that is administered by the director or if the hearing officer determines that the action was frivolous conduct by the party. Assessment of costs under this section may be appealed to a court of competent jurisdiction.

Nothing in this section shall be construed to apply to investigations, inquiries, or hearings conducted under Chapter 4741. of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 2007 HB119 09-29-2007