901.64 [Repealed Effective 9/29/2015] Annual report.

(A) The agricultural financing commission shall prepare an annual report setting forth bonds issued and outstanding and new loans made during the period under Chapter 902. of the Revised Code, and such other information as may further describe the activities of the commission during the period. Such reports shall be for the calendar year, unless the commission determines that a more comprehensible review can be presented on a state fiscal year basis, and shall be submitted to the governor, the speaker of the house of representatives, the president of the senate, and the director of budget and management within three months after the end of such annual period.

(B) The departments, boards, agencies, institutions, and other bodies of the state shall cooperate fully with the commission and shall provide such information as is necessary or helpful for the conduct of the functions of the commission. The commission may make arrangements with such other bodies for them to perform functions authorized by this chapter to be performed by the commission and to be compensated for such performance under such arrangements, and such other bodies are authorized to make such arrangements with the commission and perform such functions pursuant to such arrangements.

Repealed by 131st General Assembly File No. TBD, HB 64, §105.01, eff. 9/29/2015.

Effective Date: 01-11-1985