905.57 Confidentiality of information.

(A) All information furnished to or procured by the director of agriculture under section 905.56 of the Revised Code is for the exclusive use and information of the director in the discharge of his official duties and is not open to the public nor to be used in any court in any action or proceeding therein unless the director is a party to such action or proceeding, but such information may be consolidated in statistical tables and published by the director in statistical form, without disclosing details of information furnished by any particular person.

(B) No person shall willfully divulge any information secured while in the employ of the department of agriculture, with respect to the transactions, property, files, records, or papers of the department, or with respect to the business of any manufacturer, seller, or distributor of agricultural liming material to any person other than the director or the superior of such employee, or when called upon to testify in an action or proceeding to which the director is a party.

Effective Date: 01-01-1968