907.04 Record maintenance.

(A) Any person who holds a valid seed labeler permit issued under section 907.13 of the Revised Code and who sells agricultural, vegetable, or flower seed shall, for a period of eighteen months from the date of the final sale or other final disposition made, keep complete records of each lot of agricultural, vegetable, or flower seed that the person sells. If purchases are made from persons who keep records available for inspection as required under this division, the keeping for eighteen months of an invoice of each purchase and sale stating the kind of seed and the lot number meets the requirement as to records. The invoices and other records that are required to be kept under this division shall be maintained at a location in this state.

(B) If the director of agriculture or the director's designated representative determines that an audit of a person who is required to keep records under division (A) of this section is necessary in order to determine the sales of seed made within or into this state by that person and the amount of the fee that the person owes this state under section 907.14 of the Revised Code, the director or the director's authorized agent may audit the person.

Effective Date: 2003 HB143 10-29-2003