913.02 License.

No person, firm, or corporation shall engage in the business of operating a cannery without obtaining a license for the operation of each cannery from the director of agriculture.

In order to obtain a license, an application shall be made on a form prescribed by the director and shall be accompanied by a fee of two hundred dollars. The director shall thereupon cause an investigation to be made. If the applicant is supplied with the facilities necessary for complying with sections 913.01 to 913.05 of the Revised Code and rules adopted under them, a license shall be issued and shall be effective until the thirtieth day of June, and shall become invalid on that date unless renewed. The fee for each renewal is two hundred dollars. License fees and renewal fees shall be deposited to the credit of the food safety fund created in section 915.24 of the Revised Code.

The director may suspend or revoke any license for failure to comply with sections 913.01 to 913.05 of the Revised Code, or any rule or order adopted under those sections. In such event, the cannery immediately shall cease operation.

Effective Date: 10-21-1997; 06-30-2005