915.01 Cold storage definitions.

As used in sections 915.01 to 915.12, inclusive, of the Revised Code:

(A) "Cold storage" means the storage of food, at or below a temperature of forty degrees Fahrenheit, in a cold-storage warehouse.

(B) "Cold-storage warehouse" means a place artificially cooled by the employment of refrigerating machinery or ice or other means, in which articles of food are stored for thirty days or more at a temperature of forty degrees Fahrenheit, or lower.

(C) "Food" means eggs, butter, fresh animal flesh and fresh products therefrom, and fresh fish and fowl flesh, which have been stored in a cold-storage warehouse.

(D) "Container" means any bag, barrel, basket, bottle, box, caddy can, canister, carton, crate, firkin, hogshead, jar, jug, keg, stopper, vessel, wrapper, frozen bulk, or any similar or analogous utensil, receptacle, band, or wrapper in which food may be kept, stored, sold, or offered for sale.

(E) "Marked" means written, printed, stamped, or painted, or any other means whereby words or figures may be indicated in or on a container, or any cover attached thereto.

(F) "Wholesome" means fit for human food.

Effective Date: 12-16-1964