918.06 Unauthorized possession, use or keeping of stamps, marks, or brands.

(A) No person except authorized representatives of the department of agriculture shall possess, use, or keep an inspection mark, stamp, or brand provided or used under Chapter 918. of the Revised Code for stamping, marking, branding, or otherwise identifying carcasses or meat products intended for human food; or possess, use, or keep any stamp, mark, or brand having thereon a device, words, or insignia the same or similar in character or import to stamps, marks, or brands provided or used under Chapter 918. of the Revised Code.

(B) No brand manufacturer, printer, or other person, firm, or corporation shall cast, print, lithograph, or otherwise make any device containing any official mark or simulation thereof, or any label bearing any such mark or simulation, or any form of official certificate or simulation thereof, except as authorized by the director.

(C) All official devices or simulations must at all times be under direct control of a department of agriculture employee, or under official department of agriculture lock or seal.

Effective Date: 07-27-1971